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We are a local clinic that has been proudly serving our Van Island community since 2001. Over the years, it has been our sincere pleasure to reconnect with our familiar faces and to also meet new ones when they visit us for their visual needs. Our team has earned a reputation for providing sophisticated and trusted service in eye care, and that’s because we are passionate about all things related to EYES!!!

From how well we can see to the changes in eye health as we age, we are committed to knowing the latest in optometric research, current technologies for diagnostic & treatment purposes and updates in the production of lenses in order to design your new eyewear. More than anything we want your experience to feel comfortable, as though we were offering advice to our own family and friends. Our greatest satisfaction comes from improving your vision and enhancing your quality of life.

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Our Optometrists

Dr. Rachel Rushforth, more commonly known as “Rachel” to her patients, is the humble owner of Admirals Walk Optometry. Raised in our very own community of Victoria, Rachel completed her first degree in Biology at the University of Victoria. However, Rachel’s interest to care for peoples’ vision eventually led her to Forest Grove, Oregon where she graduated with honors from Pacific University College of Optometry in 1996. As part of her mentorship in optometry, Rachel gained clinical experience at Oak Harbor’s naval air station on Whidbey Island in Washington. After practicing in Idaho for a year, Dr. Rushforth officially returned to her homegrown roots to proudly serve the eye care needs of her community members. Amongst the optometric specialties, Dr. Rushforth finds it particularly rewarding to manage the visual development of children.

Through out her years in practice, Dr. Rushforth has rightfully earned an esteemed reputation as an eye care professional, for she is both highly respected by her peers and admired by her patients. There isn’t a day where patients don’t arrive with smiles eager to be seen for their visit! And similarly, Rachel also holds dear the opportunity to interact with a diverse population of all ages and backgrounds every day. Treating eyes is just a bonus! Outside of the office, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and golden retriever, baking delicious treats and staying active in the beautiful outdoors of the West Coast.

Nicole received her undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary majoring in Biomedical Sciences at the Cumming School of Medicine. In 2013, she completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree with honors along submission of a capstone research thesis. The study contributed to academic literature as an original proposal to investigate the manipulation of neurotransmitters within the photopic entrainment of the circadian clock.

With her enthusiasm to continue learning, she followed her interests in the visual sciences to a deeper understanding, relevant to the medical sphere. Nicole pursued a Doctor of Optometry degree at the prestigious University of Waterloo, graduating with honors and a proud sense of achievement with her fellow classmates in 2017.

Dr. Sehn strongly believes healthy seeing eyes allow individuals’ to connect with their surroundings and succeed in their endeavors. She conducts her appointments with a relaxed and approachable manner. She enjoys getting to know her patients and tailoring the exam to best accommodate their expectations. Dr. Nicole Sehn is pleased to meet new and returning patients of all ages!


On behalf of our clinic, we would like to give a sincere thank you to Dr. Sehn for our new website;

She was our designer and author for all that you see!

Dr. Dennis is proud to be a local to this beautiful city. And so, Darcy happily stayed to earn her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria, graduating in 2008. For several years thereafter, she worked as an oncology research assistant for the BC Cancer Agency at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. In that time, she was inspired by the work of her colleagues that she too decided to pursue a career in health care to help patients! In 2013, Darcy moved to Waterloo, Ontario to complete a doctorate degree in Optometry.

As part of UW’s clinical training, Dr. Dennis travelled between Waterloo, Tallahassee Florida and her hometown to complete three clerkships in her final 4th year. She received full training in regards to visual assessments, diagnosing disease and managing treatment plans. More so, Dr. Dennis travelled to Peru with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity) to provide free eye care and glasses. She also served as an event organizer for Optometry Giving Sight, a global fundraising initiative targeting impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error.

Throughout these experiences, Dr. Dennis has developed a strong appreciation for both clear vision and good ocular health. She knows that a pair of well prescribed glasses and/or proper fitting contact lenses can have a huge difference to the quality of life, at any age! Additionally, she believes in the importance of routine visual assessments to screen for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic or hypertensive changes- the list goes on! Not only should a full eye exam include all of the above, Dr. Dennis strives to educate in order for her patients’ to better understand their own health!

Our Optical Assistants

Please meet the wonderful ladies who make our team a success day in and day out!! Each of our staff members contribute an integral part to the vibrant service we want to offer you at your visit. Their primary goal is to extend the care you receive before and after meeting our optometrists. They are trained to assist you with your appointment needs, inquiries and guiding you through the customization of your glasses and contact lens orders. We appreciate your kindness and patients towards our team as our service would not be possible without their efforts.

Our Community Outreach

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