Your exam will include state of the art technology in eye care along with diagnostic tests that satisfy the requirements for a comprehensive eye exam outlined by the College of Optometrist of BC. During your exam, you will receive your glasses prescription; an oculomotor and binocular vision assessment; a full health evaluation for the structures on the surface and within your eye; imaging of your retina, which includes the OCT; measurement of your eye pressure with Goldman Applanation Tonometry, which is specifically used in Glaucoma management; a Visual Field Screening to monitor the integrity of your peripheral vision; and a dilated fundus exam.

Our doctors of optometry will explain each procedure to guide you through the exam, the testing purposes, your results and recommendations suited to bring the best of your vision to your day-to-day lifestyle. Afterwards, a knowledgeable and dedicated personal eye care consultant will continue with you into our optical boutique to provide a complimentary eyewear consultation! Many of our patients enjoy this as they learn about the newest in lens technology, especially if it’s their first prescription or they need to change their lens design based on age. Your eye care consultant will also offer a tune-up on your existing eye wear if you’re finding an adjustment or cleaning is needed. Our team is committed to helping you find the perfect solution for your visual needs, budget and style whenever you happen to visit!

Please remember to bring the following to your appointment:

1. Your current glasses or contact lens parameters- this is the most valuable piece of information as it can tell you how much your prescription has changed with the update!

2. A list of medications you are currently taking- this helps our optometrists detect possible side effects from drugs to your eyes that can cause temporary visual disturbances or permanent vision loss. It also helps our optometrist in choosing prescription medications that do not interact with those you’re already using.

3. Medical information relating to your family’s eye health, if known- this allows our optometrists to monitor for ocular conditions that can be hereditary and affect your vision as you age.

4. Your BC Health Care Card and third party insurance (see direct billing), if it is your first visit- this allows our team to apply deductions towards the cost of your exam fee, if available.

5. Your sunglasses and if necessary a designated driver- this allows the dilation component of the exam to be completed for your full ocular health check. Please be aware those drops can be contraindicated if you are an expecting mom or nursing your child, so it is important to tell your optometrist.

6. Your enthusiasm! We love to look after your eyes and hope you discover the fun in taking care of them too!

No Shows & Cancellation Policy

Our clinic does not have an official cancelation policy, where a fee would be charged to your account; however, we do emphasize that your appointment time is kindly reserved for you so that your needs can be fully addressed within that meeting. We know unpredictable changes can arise to your schedule and so we ask that you contact our office as soon as possible to notify us, preferably 24hours in advance to reschedule your appointment. We would prefer a phone call to our reception rather than e-mail cancellations. After two no shows or cancellations, it is our discretion to deny further appointment requests in our schedule. This allows us to better utilize our doctors’ time for other patients in need of medical care. We thank you for your understanding!

Late Arrivals

Our clinic strives to provide quality eye care in an efficient manner for all our patients that day. We encourage our patients to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to register and complete any required paperwork. We thank you for your courtesy!

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